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We are a small family breeding business located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have been breeding dogs for over 25 years on a small scale. These are my pets and family members as well. With my experience in breeding I am able to provide the pups with the healthiest environment to grow up in. Starting with excellent nutrition, healthy bloodlines and alot of love and TLC. I am constantly trying to learn more about nutrition and preventitive tests to keep my poodles healthy. They are happy and that helps .  They are a huge part of our family and go on many of our outings, to the beach and on trail rides.  The teacups go on short hikes. My assistant is my 6 year old granddaughter kelly. She is the best assistant I could ask for. 
When My Partis  arrived from Arizona,  that day was just like a dream come true! 
My little "Candy" really bonded with Kelly and they are the best of friends. Kelly was able to take her in the kam day parade , with her aunty Angel. Thank you Angel!
My "Beau" loves me best. He goes almost everywhere I go. At 3.5 lbs nobody even knows he is in his little bag. He loves it in there and just to be carried. 
Patty loves everybody all the same she is very mellow and sweet. A great babysitter for Lucy's pup"Lassie".
We have all sizes of Poodles . Focusing on the Parti Poodle. Some people don't know much about them. Well if you look at old paintings from the 1700-1800"s in Europe you will see alot of Parti poodles. The original poodle was a water retrieivng hunting dog, with solid and white markings.
When the FuFu show people got a hold of them they decided parti wasn't fashionable. They are still common in Europe.  The AKC allows them to registered . You just can't compete in the conformation part of showing with them. The torture they put the show poodles through with the ridiculous hair do they insist upon is quite cruel anyhow . Then there is the UKC kennel club. They are practical. You can have a more reasonable hair do , the partis are fully accepted. And most importantly they classify the standards as the hunting dog they are supposed to be. They are still excellent water retrievers and the AKC decided to classify them as (fu fu ) non sporting dogs. hello? UKC has them as gun dogs. yeah! They were the first registry anyhow.  Although by popular demand my dogs are AKC . One is CKC and I hope to get most of them UKC soon.
Now the best part about the poodles:  Hair and brains!  They are the 2nd smartest breed of dog among all the breeds ! Thats pretty darn smart.  The have human like hair. this means they shed about as much as a person. I may shed more ha ha . The only other toy dog in the top 10 smartest dogs are the pappions, they are super  cute too. Normally toy breeds are considered hard to potty train. They say toy poodles are the easiest toy to potty train.  Even the toys usually love the water and retrieving which is super fun and healthy exercise for them.  Most poodles love to cuddle. They get very attached to their owners and don't like being left alone  outside. They want to be in with you. since they don't shed why not ?
Grooming is something you need to be dedicated to. Either do it yourself or take them to the groomer. I suggest at least learning the basics. I start the pups off at 4 weeks to get them use to the clippers . Then if you keep it up from 8 weeks till they go see the professional groomer at about 12 weeks , they will be great at getting groomed. There are books and videos available. Plus it is a nice bonding for you and pup. I give lifetime breeder support. meaning I am always here to answer questions for you and help anyway I can Please check out the health page  for links on health tips.

Aloha from Ohello Berry Poodles . I just found a great quote  Yorkshire Terrier, one of the breeds owned by John McCain, and the Poodle,
voted "best breed for the Obamas" by dog lovers via the American Kennel Club’s www.presidentialpup.com poll are canine candidates for the White House. More than 42,000 people cast their vote over the seven week campaign. While often considered dogs for "ladies who lunch" they are exceptionally smart and athletic, excel in obedience training and even make great hunting companions. They come in three sizes: toy, miniature and standard, all of which have hypoallergenic coats.

om AKC  

Muffin will be a grandma in November. Her ofa "excellent " hips have passed down to 2 of her daughters so far. she is my favorite dog. 
HomeStandardsOur BoysOur GirlsPrevious pupsParti Standards 2011Available Toy pups
Miniature poodles Health and nutritionCKC pupsMariah 

Hope we get some like this lil guy in November. 
Candy is due to have tiny toys and t cups from beau the middle of September . 
This is our new boy Rusty . more info on the 
standards page. ... the whole story ! 
Ziggy went to Canada . We miss him already. He is now Grandpa not daddy anymore We kept some of his daughters so we needed a new stud dog. 
This lil brown guy is Beau he is 3.5lb tiny toy maker.